Diary of an Anomalous Mortal

Mind is a scary place, come dwell in it

In the Shoes of an Anomalous Mortal

The sudden thudding of heart, those hot flashes, racing pulse, galloping blood pressure and a constant feeling of being out of control. All this and more leave a mark everyday on what is called 'a life of a person suffering... Continue Reading →


Let Go What Isn’t Meant To Be

Stop holding onto thing that do not need to be held. You can use that energy, time and energy for the things that you need. People with mental health problems withhold themselves from the society just because one can’t combat... Continue Reading →

Your Thoughts Kill You? DON’T THEY?

Are you tired of lying every night with a heavy heart,restless mind and watery eyes? Tired of memories that begin to crawl out from every hidden comer every night? Tired of disappointments, pain, desolate and horrible loneliness? Tired of wiping... Continue Reading →

Moving Out the Circle (CBT Session 6)

My entire life I have been moving around in circles, in never ending spirals, without knowing how to break out of them. Ms. S. knows it. It is strange how much she gets me. It is strange and scary at... Continue Reading →

Terrifying Valley of Psychosis

''What is happening?'' I ask myself but comes no reply. My conscious slips away and I lose the touch of reality. My body reacts in most severe ways and I no longer know what is real The first it happened... Continue Reading →

Resolution of a Bipolar

I know these might be my anti-depressant talking and taking effect but I really do hope that this year would bring something good. This is a year of a hell lot of changes and I hope these change lead me... Continue Reading →

A Ray of Hope: CBT Session 5

Last five sessions felt useless, to be honest. I hated her, thought to quit counseling, but I don't know what urged me to not quit. What did I have to lose? I hate it when my counselor pushes my buttons,... Continue Reading →

Little Whites and Browns 

feel like my life's actually under my control, for the first time in forever. It feels good to take charge of your own life and to take leap and be brave.

A Day With Not-So-Intimidating-Counsellor

I felt pretty anxious after setting an appointment, but I am glad it was better than yesterday. The weird looking room felt a little more comfortable. First impressions should not be last impression, is what I learnt today. She was... Continue Reading →

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