”Yes,” screamed my heart. 

My hands froze in mid air, the moment she asked me. I didn’t know how to respond, or what to say. I knew it was just a figure of speech for her, but for me, it was something that became my reality. I feel my demons making themselves more visible, playing hide and seek, and trying to break through the surface – little by little, everyday. In that moment I knew I was losing it, and fast, so I did I am good at; I ran.

I’m afraid, terrified of myself and her question made me realize how close I am to give in to my demons. They scream inside my head, and I try to hold onto something I hold dear, but every part of my tell me to let go because it is so out of reach. Yet again a little part of me begs me to hang on, and the demons try to get their claws deep and rip that apart, from the inside.