“Why did she kill herself” , they said in a disgusted manner while checking the pulse of a girl who was hanging with fan.

“One never kills oneself… Something already killed me before I hanged myself to death,” replied the free soul. She was now free and happy. She decided to fly high n to leave that place forever.

“Such a silly girl”, they said.

She was amazed.
“You are calling Me silly? You question my death? Oh yes you can say like this. You consider my death a prohibited one. That’s why you look at me silly?”

”I wish someone can ever question why life became so harsh at me.. What you did for me when I was crying behind closed doors? No one ever loved me.”

”You people wanted me to take me to hospital so that I can avoid prohibited death and not rot in hell?”

”Let’s imagine , if , for a second. You could have saved my life..What was the certainty of love, regard and belongingness in my life after that?”

”I don’t want life if it have no love and acceptance,” said the free soul.

Submitted by Zainab Imran