I felt pretty anxious after setting an appointment, but I am glad it was better than yesterday. The weird looking room felt a little more comfortable. First impressions should not be last impression, is what I learnt today. She was the nicest woman I have ever met.No clue why my mind and heart was giving me a hard time.

It felt good. It felt good to talk to someone about your deepest feelings without the fear of being judged. It went so much better than what I expected it to be. Sitting there, I felt hope, hope that things would get better. She, however suggested me to consult a psychiatrist, because she thought medication would help. It kinda made my anxiety come back to life, but I know she’s right and that I really have to make this choice. It’s a now and never kinda situation so I guess, I’ll have to go for it. I got no other choice, because it’s either that or I lose my life, and I do want to live.

Maybe I don’t have to be alone, after all. She said it was years and years of suppressed emotions bubbling out in ugly ways, and the sooner I seek help, the sooner I’ll be able to control it. I hope I’m able to gather the courage before it’s actually too late.