Last five sessions felt useless, to be honest. I hated her, thought to quit counseling, but I don’t know what urged me to not quit. What did I have to lose? I hate it when my counselor pushes my buttons, but I realize she just wants to help.

It wasn’t until session 5, I realized how important is this. That was the day when I realized that maybe this was the best decision I’ve ever made in my life. At this point, I am glad to have Ms. S. as my therapist. She is understanding and supportive.

”What is that you can’t do?” she told me. ”We humans, create our own barriers and make things difficult for us,” she added.

And I realized how true it was. I feel motivated to get my life back on track. She succeeded in convincing me that maybe life will get better. Despite the fact she gave me the official diagnosis of Bipolar and OCD, I feel hopeful and motivated to get my life back on track.