Are you tired of lying every night with a heavy heart,restless mind and watery eyes? Tired of memories that begin to crawl out from every hidden comer every night? Tired of disappointments, pain, desolate and horrible loneliness?

Tired of wiping off tears? Tired of thousands of questions that swirled in your mind making your soul distress? Tired of Flashbacks that chase you like nightmares,ripping your bruised soul shred by shred?

Well let me tell you then, you are not alone.Its normal and there is no need to be ashamed of.There is a way out.If I could, I would go on and on and tell you,how things are never what they seem to be.There are people who are just done. They fought, cried and tried. Yet everything just crumbles down.They are breaking and falling to bits, everyday while their bodies are still intact.

I think its time to break all the stigmas residing in our society.Lets we all join hands and vowed to brighten up their lives with never ending laughter and love.Lets pull them out from never ending dark tunnel. People will mock you,question you,will break your heart,will shatter your courage,will destroy your strength.But It’s OK! Be strong, get a grip and remember difficult roads often lead to beautiful destination.

Submitted by Nisa Saeed