Stop holding onto thing that do not need to be held. You can use that energy, time and energy for the things that you need. People with mental health problems withhold themselves from the society just because one can’t combat the same normal happy life as other are having. Just because people will label them with a bunch of social stigmas. Just because they feel good in bottling-up the things in their head better then talking to some dear one. Just because society will look-up to their mental dissonance more legitimately then their other life related tasks.

As a Psychology student, I find it more important and preliminary paying attention to the people around us who will never let us know their mentally knotted loops. As for them social acceptability is the other side of the coin. So let’s make them resilient enough to bounce back their mental and emotional traumas and to just “LISTEN” to them wholeheartedly.

Be there with them when they always need us the most so as its much more better to boost-up their minds and fill in their souls then let them take unwanted anti-depressant or anti-anxiety doze; building-up their trust level to make it easy for them to let their feelings shared; engaging them in routine mindfulness meditation to bring their mind and body back in state of balance so today let them believe that “The Best Way Out is Always Through” because when one can recover and discover something that nourishes their soul and brings joy, care enough about that to make room for it in their life.

Submitted by Hafsah Tariq