Diary of an Anomalous Mortal

Mind is a scary place, come dwell in it


Meet the Anomalous Mortals

In the Shoes of an Anomalous Mortal

The sudden thudding of heart, those hot flashes, racing pulse, galloping blood pressure and a constant feeling of being out of control. All this and more leave a mark everyday on what is called 'a life of a person suffering... Continue Reading →


Life of a Trichster

I feel restlessness crawling up my bones. My hands, legs and every part of me is on a buzz. There's nothing I can do to contain it, expect pull my hair, literally. The first reaction I usually get is, ''Wait,... Continue Reading →

”What Happened to Your Hair,” They Ask Me, And I Have No Answer

Restlessness flows through my body and there's nothing I can do to contain it, except pulling out my hair, literally. I do it and feel anxiety leaving my body with each strand of hair I pull out. It feels good,... Continue Reading →

I Am Me (A Tale on Depression & Anxiety)

"That's a really cliched title", my head keeps telling me. ''But it's okay", this new found voice replies back. "You are you, after all and no one else" I grew up with the words; depression and anxiety, in part due... Continue Reading →

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